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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Business loans should too. That’s why GetCapital has a range of flexible business finance solutions to meet your specific needs, no matter the size of your business. From Working Capital Facilities, Term Loans and Business Overdrafts, we have you covered. And until 30 September 2020, these solutions are available under the Government’s Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme, which means no repayments are required for the first 6 months.

Choose the business loan that’s right for you

3+ years in business $250k+ annual turnover

Business Overdraft

Business Overdraft

Better cash flow management

Up to $750,000 Revolving

3+ years in business $250k+ annual turnover

Term Loan

Term Loan

Expand & grow your business

Up to $750,000 Up to 3 years

12+ months in business $100k+ annual turnover

Working Capital Facility

Working Capital Facility

For everyday business finance

Up to $300,000 Up to 2 years

SME Guarantee Loans

This range of business loans is eligible under the Government’s Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme.

Need a better trade credit solution? Shift Payments could help

Shift Payments is a platform that streamlines trade credit through a flexible trade account. It can be used to pay rent, wages and supplier invoices, removing the stress of trade terms for buyers and suppliers. With Shift Payments, suppliers get paid immediately every time. Buyers have more control over their payment terms and accounts payable. It’s a win-win that improves cash flow all around so businesses can go back to doing what they do best.

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