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8 January 2019
Small business strategies for success

Take your business to the next level You started with creative ideas, and a vision for your business. You have an understanding of small business strategies and the do’s and don’ts. You know what success will look like when it arrives. You’ve read all the books that say if you want it badly enough you […]

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24 October 2018
New Finance Solutions for Small Business

Expanding your business? Renovating the shop? Hiring new staff? Like 75% of Australian small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), you may have decided it’s time to look for external finance to fuel your growth plans. But before you sign up with the first available lender, here are five questions to ask when it comes to […]

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11 September 2018
Profitable small business ideas and trends

If you’re thinking about starting a new business in Australia, one of the first places to find inspiration are the lists of most profitable small business ideas and industry segments. Whether its online business, trade, retail, restaurant or child care business, you might be influenced to some extent by how other companies are doing in […]

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13 July 2018
Retail business finance innovation

As part of an ongoing partnership with the Australian Retail Association, GetCapital has been featured in their current July issue “At the heart of retail“. According to research, almost 75% of Australian small and medium enterprises make a decision to access external business finance every year for the continued health of their business. It’s no […]

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20 June 2018
Towards greater innovation in small business finance

GetCapital recently participated in a roundtable hosted by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to discuss innovation in small business finance that is emerging from outside the traditional banking system. Chaired by Christopher Kent, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets) of the RBA, and including representatives from the Australian Treasury, the Australian Finance Industry Association and non-bank […]

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9 April 2018
Key considerations when choosing business lenders

A recent survey revealed three quarters of Australia’s SMEs made a decision to access business finance – whether as a means to invest in their growth, to fund day to day operations, or to refinance or manage existing debt. In a crowded market, though, choosing among many different business lenders can present a challenge. These […]

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12 March 2018
Marketing tips to drive eggs-tra sales this Easter

Easter is coming, which means it is time to maximise the opportunities available to you to engage your customer base and boost your sales with a few timely small business marketing tips. Get your timing and audience eggs-actly right: While many businesses start promoting Easter straight after the Christmas break, this can undo your great work. […]

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2 February 2018
How business financing can fund growth

If a worker carries a tool around but never uses it to good effect, it’s merely a burden. Used inexpertly, or for the wrong purpose, it’s also downright dangerous. The same applies to business financing and debt. On the other hand, when used wisely and well, business debt is possibly the most valuable item in […]

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8 December 2017
5 ways business loans can accelerate growth

In times of growth, here are five ways to use business loans to accelerate your upward trajectory. There’s a common misconception that taking out a business loan is for small businesses that are just starting off or even businesses that are at risk of going under – and this couldn’t be further from the truth. […]

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17 November 2017
How to leverage Amazon Australia to grow your business

With the launch of Amazon Australia just days away, SMEs are growing increasingly apprehensive about the new competitor on their doorstep. Michael Bate, head of retail at Colliers International, predicts that the launch will spell doom for any companies not able to keep their web traffic competitive. He likens the event to the arrival of Google, which […]

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