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What is a Business Bank Overdraft?

If you have a business transaction account with your bank, you probably know you can also apply for an overdraft. A business bank account with an overdraft facility attached to it allows you to draw down funds below the zero balance in your account. Qualifying and...

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What is a Business Overdraft loan?

A business overdraft is a line of credit or revolving facility that becomes available for withdrawals up to a predetermined limit, once the balance in a business transaction account reaches zero. Businesses find overdrafts useful and convenient, particularly to...

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What is an unsecured Business Overdraft?

As revolving facilities, business overdrafts are highly flexible and convenient funding solutions if a business’ funding requirements change regularly or there is some volatility in cash flow. A business overdraft is a revolving loan with a pre-agreed credit limit,...

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What is a Business Overdraft?

As a business, you might be wondering whether an overdraft could be the right solution for your cash flow needs. But what exactly is a business overdraft? And why or when should you use one? Here's a simple definition, a quick description of how it works, and a few...

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