WATCH: Instant Asset Write-Off extension and other insights

7 July 2020

GetCapital’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Cristian Fedrigo recently participated in AFG‘s Broker Insights panel “SME Recovery”, discussing the Government’s Instant Asset Write-Off extension under its expansion of the scheme, and other industry information.

In the session, Cristian discussed:

  • Key elements of the Instant Asset Write-Off extension and a case study example showcasing potential tax benefits of the scheme
  • Insights from GetCapital’s new SME Index that brokers can leverage to shape client conversations

Watch the video now.

Section Timestamps

Instant Asset Write-off – Opening remarks
1:07 – 2:17

Instant Asset Write-off – Key elements
2:20 – 4:39

Instant Asset Write-off – Case study
4:44 – 5:50

Introduction to SME Index
7:06 – 7:50

SME Index – Industry impact
8:16 – 9:12

SME Index – JobKeeper payments
9:15 – 10:16