New Years Resolution for Small Business – Get Online!

1 Jan, 2014 | Articles

According to MYOB fewer than 40% of small businesses in Australia are online

If you have one New Year’s resolution for your business for 2014 it should be to get online. Open a facebook account for your business, along with a twitter account at the very least. Id do this first because its fast and simple to do. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what the benefit of these social sites will be for your business I’d encourage you to get online and start tinkering with the technology.

Once you have set up thee two social tools then you may want to consider launching your own website, where you can better control your brand and “own” the realestate (as opposed to it being owned by twitter or facebook). There are a heap of tools on the internet to help you get online, you owe it to yourself and your business to explore the various online channels and see whether they can benefit your business. These channels can be used to sell product (ecommerce), build your brand or simply as a channel to communicate with your customers or prospects.