Shift Payments

A payment platform that simplifies trade credit between buyers and suppliers.

Release Capital

With traditional trade credit you get paid on the terms you provide to customers.

With Shift you get paid today

Simplify your business

With traditional trade credit you need to dedicate people, systems and effort managing your trade credit program.

With Shift you are free to run your own business

Grow your business

With traditional trade credit your customers are regularly asking for better payment terms.

With Shift your customers get the trade terms they want.

A better way to provide trade credit to your customers

Shift is not …

Not Debtor finance

Shift is not a loan. As a Supplier, you receive cash on delivery and Shift takes on your accounts receivable, freeing you from the credit admin burden, collections and risk.

Not factoring

Shift converts 100% of your receivables to cash without discounting. Receivables disappear from your balance sheet as Shift negotiates repayment terms directly with your buyers.

Not supply chain finance

Shift is not a buyer led program and has no integration requirements. Shift provides trade credit for buyers to use with any supplier.

Because you are a business
not a bank

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